NaNoPreMo: Useful Prewriting Resources


These past few weeks, I’ve been searching for worksheets to include in the ‘Survival Kits’ I’ll be handing out at my library’s Write-ins. I’ve found so many amazing resources, and a lot of them are focused on plotting and prewriting. All of my write-ins will be taking place in November, when the time for prewriting has come and gone. So I thought I’d share my favorites here. Enjoy!

Young Writers’ Program Workbooks

These 89-page workbooks, which can be downloaded free (hard copies are available for purchase), may be geared towards teens and adolescents, but they’re valuable to the more mature novelist, as well. They cover everything from characterization to plot to making sure you write a book you’d actually enjoy reading yourself. Going through this entire workbook will ensure that you have something to write come November 1st.

Lori Writer’s ‘Fun and Useful NaNoWriMo’ Resources

From a link to a monthly NaNoWriMo comic to plot generators (useful for those who have absolutely no idea what to write about), LW has assembled an admirable list of six links that will help you prepare for your Novel Writing Adventure.

Writer’s Cheatsheet

Help with every novelling problem you can imagine literally crammed onto one double-sided printout.

How to Create a Book that Will Keep Readers Reading

A list of questions to answer while plotting your novel.

Genre Clichés to Avoid

Head over to Writing While the Rice Boils  (which has so many resources for writers, I highly recommend it) for this amazing list of clichés to avoid. There’s something there for every genre (I scrutinized the horror lists carefully), so check it out!

List of Writing Downloads

So many goodies here, from plot worksheets to lists of word ninjas. Very, Very useful.

Don't be like Jack. The #1 remedy for writer's block is knowing what you're going write beforehand.
Don’t be like Jack. The #1 remedy for writer’s block is knowing what you’re going write beforehand.

Thanks to all the blogs I borrowed these resources from: Writing While the Rice Boils,, Adventures In YA Publishing, Writerscheatsheet.comLori Writer, and The Young Writer’s Program . If you like what you’ve seen, visit their sites and give them some love! And feel free to add me as a writing NaNoWriMo Buddy here!

So what about you? Do you have any awesome prewriting resources hidden up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments. I’ll add them to the above list, and credit you!



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